All the photographs that we take are available to you for free, so you can view, download, share or print them from within your page portal an unlimited amount of times.



 Just a £50 deposit


Book your wedding from as little as a £50 deposit and then pay the remaining £345 when it suits you. Pay what you want and when you want. As little and as often as you please. Just have the balance cleared by the due date shown on the invoice. This is usually about 3 months before your wedding date is due. Debit card, credit card or Paypal.


Cutting the cake & First Dance


We capture your cake cutting ceremony and your first dance in all their glory. Including confetti cannon explosions in stunning detail. Please remember to have these done by 9:00 pm or if they are to be held later please agree a time with us beforehand free of charge. We like to leave at 9:00pm but will stay longer if needed and pre arranged.


Video Diary Room

Diary room.jpg

An hilarious addition to your wedding package. Your family and friends are invited to leave you a secret message that can be both funny or emotional. Single, individual memories or group mayhem. We capture and show the raw unedited versions so you see the full aspect of the interviews.


Montage clips


We create beautiful slide show images along with your favourite music to create a DVD menu within your movie. This short movie clips are taken from photographs and video of  your Stag do, hen do, Honeymoon or photo booth. Capturing the memories and moments of all your wedding experiences into one place.




Our exclusive on-demand feature lets you pause, rewind, fast forward, share, download and much more with your wedding movie. You can watch it anywhere, anytime and anyplace and on any device. Modern and convenient without the restrictions of a TV or DVD player.


Bank Vault security

cc icon.jpg

We believe in offering you military grade security when booking with us which is why we only use world class providers to process your payments. You can pay with your debit or credit card or simply sign in with your PayPal account. The choice is yours, the price is the same. 


All day filming


Arriving at least two hours before the event start to capture your guest arrivals and set up our equipment. We leave at 9:00pm prompt so please schedule any cake cutting or first dance routines before then if you wish them to be filmed.If needed, we can stay longer at no extra cost but we must have agreed this beforehand so please let us know before the big day. 


Bookings can only be made online.


This enables us to offer a secure environment with payment protection and refund analysis.

We also offer an added bonus of a 28 day money backed guarantee of 100% of the transaction value which exceeds the recommended standard. If you wish to book just click here to fill out the free application.



We are the only UK wedding service which offer this service for free. Providing you with the ability to view your movie and then make live, time coded notes within the movie regarding bits you wish to be changed or edited. Unlimited edits and re-edits until you are happy. This short video will explain in more detail how this works.


Service & reception


Your wedding service and the wedding reception are filmed in their entirety, including speeches and vows.




Your own music


We allow you to choose your own music which can be played at relevant points throughout the movie. 6 songs in total, 3 each. This option is flexible and not set in stone so if you wish to add or remove songs you can do this also. Alternatively, you can always change the soundtrack by leaving a time coded note in your view and review session.


What's in the box?


As standard you will receive the following:

1 x Blu-ray disc
1 x DVD disc
1 x USB Flash drive
1 x Bonus DVD  (family/friends)
Unlimited online access 24/7
Should you require any additional copies, just let us know for a quote on the price.


Appointment Visit


As a responsible filmmaker we need to meet and greet before your big day. This enables us to check your application, discuss any wedding day plans and have a general chat about is expected. We come to your home for all appointments which last about 30 minutes and you choose a convenient date and time to suit your lifestyle. We recommend about two weeks prior to your date.


Credit roll

credit roll.jpg

Why not have a credit roll at the end of your movie with your guest names and influential people who made a difference?

Your hair stylist, cake baker or maybe your make-up artist can all be featured. Name and unshame those who helped you along the way.


Bridal Preparations


Whilst we don't film your bridal preparations there is no need why your friends can't. We provide you with the camera to point and shoot everything and anything you wish from the night before to the morning after. Just provide the cameras later that day and we turn what you filmed into your bridal preparation movie. The Groom also gets a camera to film his escapades too. This way you both get a chance to see each others nerves.


Award winning delivery


We only use a delivery service that will benefit you.

Receive text and email updates on the progress of your parcel right up to the last 15 minutes. Change the date or time of the expected delivery or get them to call back if they missed you. Instruct them to delivery to your nominated safe place and more. Download the DPD app now to your smartphone in anticipation.


Confetti cannons


Two explosions of colour to enhance your wedding movie and photos. We let two off on your group photo and one during your first dance. Everyone loves our confetti cannons!


Fully Insured

Your Health & safety is of paramount importance. That's why we pay extra to provide you with up to £5 million worth of insurance cover should an accident occur as a direct result of any negligence on our part. Have the reassurance and peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands.


Honest, Open and clear policies

We explain everything upfront with open, transparent wording. Our policies will protect you right from the outset and even beyond a sale. After care with after thought. Clear with no hidden or jibberish jargon - plain simple English that is easy to understand.

See our full terms and conditions by clicking on the Policy Statement below.